The BOLT is our response to give you the best compromise between a pure road and a full triathlon bike. This geometry allow you to get the best of both world in one bike. Perfect for the roadies who is looking for a responsive bike or for a triathlete that looking to get one bike for both discipline. Available as a pure triathlon bike.

Price Start @ 2 499,99$ CAD 

The Bolt picture show the Triathlon set up

Include that is an option (add on)

Zero Off set Seat Post

Profile design Extension (T2+ alloy)

ISM Triathlon Saddle

For the Di2 you have the option for the R-671 Di2 bar end shifter 



Everything we know about beating the clock we put into the Aero TT frame. It was only designed for one thing: speed.

Price Start @ 2 899,99$ CAD 



The Hornett frame is our latest innovation in the world of triathlon. We focus our design base on 3 mains characteristics: AERODYNAMIC, RIGIDITY & PERFORMANCE. The Stealthy profile begins with the front brake incorporated in the fork making the front slick. The Hornett simply looks fast even standing still.

Price Start  @ 3399,99$ CAD