The latest to arrive at Squad, the Mission is a reflection of our last 6 years of work awarding us the insight to construct a superior bike for speed in Triathlon.  As sleek as a Stealth Fighter Jet, the construction of the monocoque frame is with T-60 UD allowing us to  created a Pro geometric light and rigid for the sprinter and for the climbers who want an aero road bike. The Mission combines these features to allow you to absorb the roads while maintaining the aerodynamic aspect in mind.  The Mission is our road bike that is the most complete and versatile on the market.

Price  Start @ 2 799,99$ CAD 


Super Light 

RS:  Racing Service ....Race Servicio

Lightness, Ridgidity, Power Transfer...this racing geometry will bring you to heaven...if for you the Zoncolan it is...

Price Start @ 2 999,99$ CAD